GAC was founded by the Primary Aluminium producers in the Gulf.


There are two different categories of membership:

  • 1. Full Members
  • 2. Associate Members.

Full membership may be granted by the Board of Directors to large scale producers of primary and downstream Aluminium industries in the Gulf Region provided their annual production capacity is 25,000 tonnes and above.

Associate membership with an annual production capacity less than 25,000 tonnes.

Board Representations:

Two full members to join the Founders Board as directors. They are to be either elected by the full and associate members or by the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the downstream.

Terms to be: three (3) years renewable.
Associate members will not qualify to membership of the Board.

Decision by the Board of Directors:

Membership to GAC is granted by a decision of the Board of Directors taken by a simple majority vote of present or represented Directors. The decision by the Board of Directors regarding Membership is final and binding.