Health & Safety


Aluminum in the Body

It has been estimated that the average human body contains, at most, 35mg of aluminium, of which approximately 50% is in the lungs, and most of the remainder is in the skeleton. There is no known biological role for aluminium - it does not appear to be an essential trace element for humans - and the body has highly effective barriers to exclude aluminium and similar metals.

Hot & Humid climate of the Gulf

The summer climate in the Gulf countries is hot & humid. Considering the added temperature of the Aluminium process in the smelter, creates very challenging conditions for the operations in the smelter.

The Gulf Aluminium Industry is keen to help all the employees mitigate the negative health impact of high temperature conditions, by constant educational programmes on heat stress prevention along with other precautionary measures that need to be taken by the employee during the summer period.
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GAC members are committed to the implementation of the highest safety standard through the activities of the GAC’s Safety Committee. The objective of the committee is to reinforce the safety benefit of the employees and their families and the industry as a whole.

Benchmarking and sharing best safety practices provides the plants with a way to track their own progress relative to others and to initiate further improvements. In support of this, the GAC recognises plants that are best performers through its annual GAC Safety Awards.