The GAC Community Awards are an opportunity for the Gulf Aluminium Council members to be recognized for initiatives and innovations in Social Responsibility management and to share their experiences within the industry and the community.

The Awards are established to recognize service to the community excellence and leadership, and to acknowledge the outstanding contribution recipients have made balancing Corporate Social responsibility with the successful development of the GAC members. The awards are also an excellent vehicle for transferring knowledge to others, thus helping to improve CSR within the industry.

The Awards also seek to develop and maintain community confidence in the sustainability of Aluminium activities by highlighting its contribution to CSR community.


Why apply?

The GAC Community Awards are an independent and prestigious endorsement of the achievements by the applying organization. Striving for CSR excellence, the Awards raise the bar across all aspects of the CSR.

Submitting an entry provides the applying organization with the opportunity to review its CSR system and identify its core strengths and achievements.

The Awards can provide a variety of communications, creating opportunities for publicity, positive business profiling and heightened credibility within the industry and the GCC.

Awards Classes

There will be two Awards:

  • Overall winner of the year
  • The Runner up

Qualifiers / Minimum Requirements

  • Initiatives to comply to regulations and legal permit requirements will not be considered for an award
  • Initiatives need to demonstrate sustainable performance for minimum period of six months
  • Initiatives for the previous two years can be entered, ie. 2015 - 2016 period inclusive

Examples of initiatives that could be considered

  • Campaign for an important cause.
  • Partnership with non-profit making beyond one-off donation.
  • Support for education in the community, scholarship, educational excellences.
  • Fund raising initiative for the community project.
  • Environment, Health and Safety initiative for the member of the community.
  • Employee volunteer program.
  • Helping under privileged and disadvantaged members of the society.
  • Any initiative that directly benefits the community or its members.

The Awards Process

  • The awards will be held every two years and evaluated by a selected assessment committee led by the GAC Secretary General and his nominated appointees
  • The assessment panel (evaluators) will review all the submitted projects and ensure they are aligned with the Awards criteria and terms
  • The two best initiatives will be chosen for the Awards Ceremony by the selection committee

How to apply?

  • Completed application forms (of 1500 words or less) shall be submitted electronically and

followed by a signed hard copy by CEO along with supporting documents to the GAC Secretary General’s office by July 31, 2017.

  • A company can submit maximum two applications.

Guidelines for the criteria

  • Describe the project activities.
  • Outline the scope of the Community issue addressed. This may include whether the Community challenge required the development of new technology or techniques, or the refinement of existing ones, and how CSR practices were promoted to achieve specific goals.
  • Highlight the commitment by the organization, which may include financial commitment, management systems or training programs.
  • Describe the results and impacts of the initiative or innovation, and provide tangible evidence that the results demonstrate in community benefits.
  • Outline any ongoing partnerships and how these will be maintained. This may include efforts to share the knowledge gained from the project with the community, government or industry peers.
  • Entrants must demonstrate how innovation and leadership have resulted in sustainable CSR performance.
  • Entrants could attach material to support their entry such as pictures, plans, diagrams, or third-party testimonials (independent companies, organizations, government, ministry or any external audits) to support and demonstrate the project's success and continuity.

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