Aluminium is fast becoming the material of choice. Its properties mean that intricate, stable lightweight structures can be designed without concern, as even thin structures do not warp.

Aluminium is a material that has given architects and designers the physical means to achieve creative innovations in design and are such as:

1.  Design, function and economy
2.  Windows, skylights, screens and doors
3.  Facades, cladding/siding, weatherproofing
4.  Roofs and canopies
5.  Structures
6.  Door handles, window catches, shower units and staircases
7.  Support frames for solar panels, solar collectors and light shelves

Today when a material is chosen for any application, the product’s whole life cycle is considered. This goes far beyond the production process as it also covers the impacts and benefits of the material throughout the lifespan of the different products, including its recycling and re-use.
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The combination of lightness, strength and formability make aluminium the ideal material for any transport application. Examples are a: truck, car, train, boat or plane, bicycles, scooters, roller blades – nor mobility aids – wheelchairs, walking frames and chairlifts.
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Aluminium or aluminium alloy electrical conductors are now widely used in:
1.Overhead electrical transmission and distribution cables
2.Power systems and substations

Aluminium is particularly suited to these uses because of its high electrical conductivity, low weight and good resistance to corrosion.
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Aluminium cookware is light and strong, so even a large sturdy pan is easy to handle. With proper care, it can last a lifetime. It imparts no taste or odour to food, is durable and, best of all, has excellent cooking characteristics.
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Aluminium is used extensively for the protection, storage and preparation of food and beverages as well as medicines and cosmetics because it transmits conducted heat, reflect radiant heat, is very light, acts as a barrier, can be rolled, temper-proof, hygienic and recyclable.
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